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Successful natural resource management requires balancing the competing pressures of development and resource use with the protection of our natural environment. This is a critical challenge with the increasing pressures of population growth, urbanisation and climate change, and the need for ecologically sustainable development solutions.

At AECAB, we understand the inherent complexity of natural resource management issues and the challenges faced by business, industry and government in managing resources sustainably within a strict regulatory framework. We work collaboratively with our private and public sector clients to guide effective land management decision-making and to deliver practical and appropriate project solutions. Our focus is on the early identification and management of project risks and the production of high quality, technically rigorous and defensible documentation tailored to project needs and broader business objectives.

Our connected global network of talented professionals has a breadth and depth of capabilities and demonstrated experience to meet the needs of projects, at each stage of the life cycle. Our global, multidisciplinary team of ecologists, environmental scientists and technical professionals are recognized industry leaders in the following core service areas:

  • Terrestrial and wetland ecological survey and assessment
  • Forest landscape restoration
  • Biodiversity offset strategies and offset site management plans
  • Soil management
  • Water resource management and conservation
  • Flora and fauna impact assessment and mitigation
  • Environmental management and monitoring plans
  • Threatened and endangered species survey, assessment, and management
  • Ecosystem restoration, reclamation, rehabilitation
  • Arborist assessments
  • Ecological risk assessment and mitigation
  • Ecosystem (economic) accounting
  • Integrated landscape and catchment management
  • Forestry and forest management
  • Natural resource policy management and evaluation