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As countries race to reduce emissions, the shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy has never been more important or economically viable. From supporting the planning of new offshore wind developments to overseeing the acquisition of solar PV facilities, our renewable energy consultants are supporting clients with the transition to net zero energy.

Our technical expertise and experience span across wind, solar, bioenergy, hydro and clean cooking solutions, and bespoke ‘behind the meter’ solutions, we are committed to enhancing just energy transition through policy support for enhance energy access to communities, clean solutions that is high yield and low impact, at scale.

We offer a range of services to support this growing market including site investigation, planning and approvals, environmental management, community engagement and engineering.

The switch to renewable energy results in both lower emissions but also increased complexity. Given the energy network’s pivotal role in our society and economy, affecting everything from transport to communications, establishing network resilience is critical. Threats like climate change, hacking, extreme weather and others continue to grow. Our organizational resilience team helps clients in the energy sector to map the risks and stay prepared for whatever’s next.