Who We Are

The success of a project determines the impact it’s going to have on a society. The objective of any project undertaken is to provide a solution to a prevailing need.

AECAB Consulting has a track record of excellence and a footprint to match the accomplishment. With over 14 years of management consulting experience, the journey has shaped who we are and our approach will compel you to subsequently seek our services.

We are predominantly environmental specialists providing services in broad areas such as climate change, renewable energy technologies, energy access, energy management, landscape restoration, agriculture, food security, freshwater ecology, and biodiversity conservation. We also cross-cutting themes such as gender and youth in development, science, technology and innovation, and digital economy.

Our services include but are not limited to project cycle management, proposal writing, feasibility and baseline assessments, appraisal, monitoring and evaluation, midterm reviews, socio-economic and environmental impact assessments.

Our Mission

Committed to providing sustainable environmental solutions that meet specific customer needs and are consistent with the long-term
interests of the environment. We will achieve this by employing or partnering with highly educated team members to assist with in-depth research, proactive design, effective implementation, and long-term support for our clients’ land use needs. We will always maintain high
standards of professional conduct and comply with local, state, and international regulations.

Our Vision

The founders of AECAB believe that, in time, this company will become one of the most well-respected environmental consulting firms in Africa. AECAB will achieve this by utilizing the core principles of timely client responsiveness, technical and scientific expertise, land planning with an ecological and cost-effective approach, continuing education, and team-building programs. AECAB will develop a similar reputation in markets regionally, nationally, and internationally by launching satellite offices employing talented individuals that share AECAB’s values.

AECAB will also be partnering with highly respected teams of internal and external natural resource professionals to meet diverse client needs. AECAB will always be at the forefront of industry trends, knowledge of environmental regulations and the systems to comply with them, climate change processes and just energy transition. Our professional team will provide the most appropriate solutions to our client’s challenges.